• The HYDRACT actuator was invented by Mr. Poul Elholm Jakobsen former chairman of KM Rustfri and patented in 2007
  • The actuator is patented in USA with patent pending in Europe, China and India


  • All IPR is owned by Kmatic Aps in Denmark who is the owner of KM Rustfri A/S




  • Carlsberg in Fredericia in Denmark has followed the project closely since the start in 2008.


  • Carlsberg has been an associated partner in every project and not an official consortium member. Carlsberg has hosted the trials and tests and contributed with knowledge and knowhow in the development of the Hydract actuator.


  • A team of production and engineering experts from Carlsberg has under the management of Deputy Manager Peter Rasmussen generously shared their extensive experience and knowledge from the brewery and beverage industry


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