The incompressibility of a water hydraulic system gives the HYDRACT actuator an outstanding reliability and performance.

” HYDRACT is an exciting new technology that sets new standards for reduced energy consumption and C02 emissions. The actuator’s precision and reliability are remarkable and open the way for a completely new approach to process facilities in the brewing industry, leading to lower production costs, greater food safety and reduced investment in brewing facilities”.

Michael Jakob

VP Group Manufacturing &

Technology – Carlsberg Supply Company


Mix Proof Regulating Valve


  • Reduced energy costs and product waste

  • Full regulation

  • Bi-directional flow through process valve

  • Reduced CO2 emission and improved food safety

  • Reduced capital expenditure – less valves and pumps


  • Universal  one-size & multi brand

  • Full hydraulic control

  • Closed sterile 50 bar system

  • Communication via bus systems, WIFI and Bluetooth 4,0


November 12-14 2019

Meet us in Hall 9/ 9-342

Brau Bevila

November 8 2019

New press release on 

Hydract. Read it here

November 13-18 2018

Meet us in Hall 9/ 9-342

April 4 2017

New press release on Hydract. Read it here.

November 8 2016

Video release of the technique behind the Hydract Valve. Click here.

November 8-10 2016

Meet us at Brau Beviale

Hall 6 -. Stand 229

June 20 2016

Added Gallery of the CIP Plant at Carlsberg. Click here.

November 2015

At Brau Beviale KM Rustfri presented the latest version of the Hydract actuator for  retrofitting to most sanitary valves on the market.

November 3 2015

New Press Release out now

November 2015

Upgrade of CIP-line at Carlsberg with the latest version of the HYDRACT actuator

10 – 12 November 2015

Brau Beviale Hall 6 – stand 229

Meet us our stand in Nuremberg and test the new regulating actuator

May 2014 – October 2015

The HYDRACTREG project co-funded with m,75€ by the Market Maturation Foundation in Denmark to demonstrate the HYDRACT actuator for process regulation

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