HYDRACT timeline

The HYDRACT timeline

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16.09.2013: Another Successful Exhibition at Drintec in Munich

14.07.2013: CIP Plant at Carlsberg

31.05.2013: Completion of the HYDRACTDEM Project

19.11.2012: Success at Brau Beviale 2012 Exhibition in Nuremberg

After a successful exhibition at Brau Beviale the arrangement for a CIP installation at Carlsberg Denmark is now in place.

04.09.2012: Demonstration at Carlsberg

Installation of a new CIP-line at Carlsberg with HYDRACT actuators in January 2013.

23.08.2012: Brau Beviale 2012

HYDRACT will be presented at the annual exhibition at Nuremberg in November 2012.

01.06.2012: EU Grant for Demonstration

The European Union has supported the HYDRACTDEM consortium €1,1M for demonstration and dissemination of the HYDRACT Technology.

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