The Water Hydraulic technology as the basis for HYDRACT, can be used wherever compressed air is used for actuation of valves.


Within the sanitary sector, breweries, soft drink, dairies and food industry in general can benefit from replacing pneumatic actuators with water hydraulic HYDRACT actuators. The same applies to the pharmaceutical industry, where especially the high reliability and position control could improve process safety.


The benefits from the sanitary industry can be directly transferred to other process industries

The benefits of lower energy consumption, higher reliability and position control is achievable for industries in general, all of whom have used compressed air for decades

where reducing energy consumption and increased process safety is essential.


Companies with process plants covered by the ATEX Directive (explosive atmospheres) can take advantage of HYDRACT technology. With HYDRACT actuators, it will be possible to remove all air and electrical connections from industries with hazardous explosive atmospheres.

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