The Hydract Technology

The Hydract Technology


The HYDRACT actuator is universal and can be used for most existing valves in the market - both linear and torque valves.

It can also be retrofitted to existing.

The incompressibility of a water hydraulic system gives the HYDRACT actuator an outstanding precision and stability. This allows the valve to open or close independent of the flow direction - a water hammer will not affect the valve because it is hydraulically locked.

Because of the outstanding precision and stability most valves can be used as variable position or control valves.

The HYDRACT system reduces the energy cost and CO2 emission by more than 65 %. In comparison pneumatic systems loses 2/3 of the energy on compression inefficiency and system air leaks.

Used for control / regulation valves the actuator can be controlled from input on absolute position, temperature, pressure, flow or conductivity.

The hygiene is improved because unlike a pneumatic system, HYDRACT is not exhausting compressed air containing bacteria or oil.

The high power-density reduces the size of the HYDRACT actuator compared with an air/spring actuator and allows one actuator to fit most valve sizes.

Because of the smaller actuator the distance between the valves can be reduced reducing the floor space by app. 30%.

The improved reliability of a HYDRACT actuator and the ability to control the position of the valve can lead to a reduced number of valves in process plants.

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